Two Sides Are at War (Written August 23)

Two Sides Are at War


Two sides are at war in you,

A kind-hearted side that listens

To others, is open to their ideas,


Is generous, always gentlemanly,

Understanding of weakness,

Ready to forgive and forget,


And a competitive side

That insists on winning

At all costs, that will do


What has to be done,

That will make the “hard choices”

Without flinching, that can be


Ruthless when necessary,

That has no room for weakness,

For softness, for second best.


As the ocean rises and falls,

One or the other of these two sides

Will gain ascendency over the other,


But never for long. The great knack

That you have is to be able to balance

The two, so that they do not oppose


Each other but play off each other

In a fruitful way, adding to, rather than

Subtracting from the sum total.

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