House Husband (Written August 29)

House Husband


And if anyone quarreled or complained,

He would simply leave the room

And let them work it out, as long as it took.


He might sit in the kitchen,

With a cup of coffee and a book,

Or he might call his wife at work


And talk awhile, about everything

Or nothing. He could see the look

On her face, as she passed


Silent judgment. That deep frown

That he hated. And if she asked

If everything was okay, he’d say,


Well, what do you think?

Try a little harder, she’d say.

The truth is, she knew


What he was going through.

She’d been there too. It was the glue

That held them together.


But it was the children, in the end,

Who proved to be his strongest

Champions, which he never forgot.

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