I’ll Tell You This (Written September 1, 2014)

I’ll Tell You This


I don’t know what I hope to do,

What, if anything, I still can do,

In the little time I have left.


She always insisted I got

Exactly what I had coming.

The last time I saw her


It was the month of May,

And we barely spoke.

When she left, I rode


The elevator with her

Down to the street.

Before I opened the door,


I was alone. Every floor

Contains, in its acres,

Plumbing and facilities


For long-term residents.

Knowing too much etymology

Can be dangerous, especially


If you let it go to your head.

I don’t have enough words

To tell you what I’ve seen.


This is where I find myself,

Through no fault of my own.

The auditors have come and gone,


For now. I’ll tell you this,

Being alive is not everything

It’s cracked up to be.


For a minute or two

It pours down rain, then

Shuts down just as suddenly.

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