Reflections in a Window (Written September 2, 2014)

Reflections in a Window


She turns the chair to the window

Where she can look down on the street

And the restaurant across the street


And watch the people come and go,

Couples or larger groups that meet

On the sidewalk, talk awhile,


Then disappear inside. A haunting

Saxophone fills the air every time

Someone opens the door. Cars


Are parked tightly on both sides

Of the street, but as it gets dark,

She sees less of the world outside


The window and more of the world,

The furniture, the man, inside.

The inside gets reflected back at her,


Like a play that she’s suddenly part of,

Without wanting to be. The man

Watches her from behind,


While she stares at him in the window.

She’s told him she wants him to leave

But he won’t until he knows why.


He’s waiting for her to say something.

She owes him an explanation, he thinks.

She looks through him, to the street below.

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