As Free as the Birds (Written September 3, 2014)

As Free as the Birds


With a great flapping of limbs she runs

Onto the beach, and the seagulls,

Believing she might be one of them,


Squeal with delight and fly with her

To the edge of the water, but when

She dives in and begins to swim away


They lose interest. The water is cold,

This late in the season, this far north,

But it’s just what she wants. She feels


As free as the birds, a great weight

Lifted from her shoulders. Why

Has she waited all these years,


To do what so obviously needed

To be done? It wasn’t fear,

It was the idea that she could fix


What was broken and make it

Good again. But now, with each stroke,

She swims further away from all that.

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