Domestic Dispute (Written September 7, 2014)

Domestic Dispute


It did no good to fight

But she fought. She was right,

She thought, and he was wrong.


He had lied to her,

And he’d lied all along.

What sort of fool


Did he think she was?

He said she was the jewel

Of his eye, but she no longer


Believed what he said.

She was alone, stronger

Than ever before. Fighting


Maybe did no good, jabbing

Back and forth, slighting

Each other, but a clean,


Sharp word, raised in anger,

When you say what you mean,

And there’s nothing to be said


In reply, was one way she knew

To knock some sense into his head.

He destroyed most of her clothes


And stole her jewelry. Once,

He deliberately stepped on her toes

And threatened her with blows,


Breaking the last link in her trust.

And then to add to her woes

He locked the front door,


And though she knew he was

Bluffing, he had scared her more

Than she’d ever been scared.


She told him to get out

And he did, and never dared

Come again within her sight.

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