Bad Habit (Written January 1, 2014)

Bad Habit


I had developed a habit

of only half-listening

When he talked.


If it had been just the two of us,

I might have walked

The extra mile with him.


I might have asked him

About his days in Bimini,

Sailing the blue seas.


I might have liked to know more

About his fondness for soft cheese,

The riper the better.


I might have wanted to pet

His prized Irish Setter

and take him for a run.


I might have enjoyed

Sitting in the sun,

With his friend Bloom,


Shooting the breeze.

But in that room,

Surrounded by folks


Who hung on his every

Word as if it were gold,

Something flared


In me, and I didn’t

Want to know. Spare

me the boring details,


I said to myself.

It totally fails

As far as I’m concerned.


His reality, for me,

Was like a play turned

Inside out. It lacked


The sense of a beginning

And an ending, packed

With cheap tricks.

One thought on “Bad Habit (Written January 1, 2014)”

  1. How is it that just somebody know how to jot down a weblog in addition to get such as admired as this? Its not comparable you’ve whispered everything incredibly extraordinary –further resembling youve painted a beautiful renpesertation over an concern that you recognize not anything concerning! I dont desire to seem mean, here. But do you actually believe that you know how to get away with totaling a number of good-looking pictures plus not in reality say anything?

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