The Great Divide (Written September 9, 2014)

The Great Divide


I seemed to have crossed some absolute divide.

Though I am still alive, or think I am,

I’m no longer part of the world I used to know.


Where before I was visible, now I am invisible.

No one comes to me and asks me what I think

About the important topics of the day.


It’s assumed that whatever I might have to say

Will be stale, out of date, and detached from reality.

I’m no longer part of the conversation.


I’m an ornament, no longer an active player

In the game of life. I sit in my chair and smile

As people approach and scowl as they go.


Even if someone did speak to me, it would be

A waste of their time, because I’m deaf in both  ears.

I keep a pad of paper with me in case someone


Wants to write me a note, but no one ever does.

And I smell of shit, but don’t tell anybody.

They’d get all in a snit, you know.

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