It’s Never Too Late (Written September 10, 2014)

It’s Never Too Late


She looks at the titles of the books I’ve brought,

And nods her approval. It’s never too late, she says,

To learn something new. I’ve never thought


Of myself as anything more than an average

Human being. As my body continues to fail me,

One organ at a time, I’ve sought compensation


In things of the mind, but when the mind begins

To fail me, what then? I find ways to disguise

My despair. I might pick up a book and pretend


To read. I might sit in the chair, with my eyes

Closed, and pretend to sleep. When it’s time

For her to go, I might stare out the window


And pretend I don’t care. I try to prevent

My gaze from falling to the swell of her breasts,

As she leans in to wish me good night.

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