His Heart’s Desire (Written September 14, 2014)

His Heart’s Desire


The glorious weather of late summer

Continued as if nothing had changed.

He felt alien, completely different,


Distant. Only very late at night,

When all motion had stopped,

Or was frozen, did he find rest.


The ache that had kept him awake

And put his resolve to the test,

Lifted a little, like early morning


Fog over a river, when the sun warms

The air. Something in him was fighting

For its life, but so silently, so distantly,


He felt he had nothing to do with it.

Barely a whisper, it fluttered somewhere

Near the back of his brain. What his body


Wanted was one thing, what he wanted

Was another. Like a leaf falling from a tree,

He felt detached from the mass of humanity.

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