Perfectly Timed (Written September 15, 2014)

Perfectly Timed


I think he’s pleased,

The way he smiles at me

And keeps looking at me


With the wide, innocent

Eyes of a child, as if

There is so much more


He wants to tell me

But doesn’t know where to begin.

He knows he won’t be able


To find the words,

So he doesn’t even try.

I’ve kept the photo


All the years of our estrangement

To remind me of the good times

We once had, before things turned


Sour, and he left. It’s tangible proof

That I never stopped thinking of him,

Though we never spoke.


In the photo we’re standing on a beach,

His arm around my shoulder.

He’s very happy


And I’ve got my usual frown.

But this is the day, just before

Or just after the photo was snapped,


That we saw a fish hawk

Dive straight down out of the sky

And snare a trout.


It was so perfectly timed,

That dive, so quick, so efficient,

We never forgot.

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