Insects Can Defecate (Written September 16, 2014)

Insects Can Defecate


Being alive as long as we have,

We don’t feel it as much.

We sit around, mumbling


And complaining, or staring

Into space. A few of the women

And one or two men push their walkers


Up and down the halls. Wanderers,

We call them. The food is not bad,

I’ll say that, and the coffee.


Insects can defecate,

We learned that in biology.

They have intestinal tracts,


Anuses, and everything,

Just like us. The doctor

Comes once a week,


On Thursday. Life

Grinds you down,

Pounds you into submission.


Tuesday morning we have

Art class, and I wish

It was more often.


What I like is working

In color, and best of all

I don’t have to talk about it.


Sometimes, after supper,

A man plays the piano

And sings to us.


We gather around,

We smile and we clap,

But it’s never for long.

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