Born To This (Written September 17, 2014)

Born To This


In his own bedroom for the first time,

Lonely and unable to sleep,

He took a quick slug of what was left


In the bottle, because the drinking portion

Of his evening had come to an end.

Women are changing before everyone’s


Eyes, he said to himself, drunkenly.

Think about that change. Think about

What is happening in this room tonight.


He stood by the window, looking out

On the street. He had never seen

His street in the middle of the night.


The houses were dark and almost hidden

Behind the shaggy canopy of trees.

He was not angry with her, he was angry


With himself, because he could not stop

What he was doing. He had no reason

To be angry with her, she was perfectly


In the right. A small voice began to speak

Elsewhere in the apartment, but too softly,

Too distantly for him to hear. Tomorrow


Was his birthday. Had she completely

Forgotten? He dressed himself

In silks and satins. He was born to this.

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