It’s Over (Written December 27)

It’s Over


Without looking up they know the answer.

It’s over. The way home has become

Too dangerous. His idea was to follow


The Vaughan Harvey past the hospital,

then another mile or so to Birch Hollow,

But somewhere along the way it all


Went very wrong. The wide pavement

Became a mountain road, with falling

Rocks. They had to abandon the car


And go by foot with their two children,

Who were tired and frightened and fell far

Behind. What a fool he was! For too long


The woman had let him lead the way.

Then one of the children, who belonged

To her, slipped and fell down the hill.


And the other child, who was his, did the same,

As if prompted. Fortunately, neither was killed.

They landed in a soft blanket of grass.


As a last act he carried them to safety.

She’d once respected him, in the past.

That was over. She’d find her own way.

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