Time Flows In One Direction (Written January 25)

Time Flows In One Direction


Dizzy with effort and blind with sweat,

His temples pounding, his eyes swimming,

What if he falls and no one sees him?


Slow down, he tells himself, the ice

Will melt in time, but nothing frees him

From the need to get the job done.


A little more effort and the ice will crack,

Or will it? One day soon the sun

Will return but till then he must stay calm.


He dreams of the day when he will fly

South for a week and sit under a palm.

Time flows in one direction, and tends


To greater and greater disorganization.

He is not the man he once was. Why bend

To the job when the job has no end?


The flight is booked. His friends await

His arrival. It is solid ice, from snow

Followed by a thaw, then a deep freeze.

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