Her Own Voice (Written January 27)

Her Own Voice


As soon as she began to talk,

She could hear something different

In her own voice, something colder,


Almost hostile. She had no idea

It would end like this, in mutual

Recrimination. The last time


He’d called, they’d argued about

Money. All she wanted, she said,

Was for him to pay


His fair share. Before she could

Think of anything else to say,

He slammed the phone down.


Well, she thought, that’s pretty

Definite. What a clown!

Seeing is believing.


Not much doubt about it now,

It’s time to be leaving.

Why should she let any man


Drag her down, whatever

The reason? Why should she stand

For it? As for money,


She had her own, and it was

Enough. Let him go.

It was as if the voice


Was not even her own

But that of an older,

Wiser version of herself.

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