It’s Later Than You Think (Written June 29, 2018)

It’s Later Than You Think

Her friend, eyes narrowed and lip curled,
says nothing
but she doesn’t have to. Everyone knows
what she thinks. It would be foolish

To put more money into repairs
and improvements
when it’s possible, even likely
that the person who ends up buying
this old house, built as it is on such

A shaky foundation, will want to
tear it down
and build something more sturdy,
more modern in its place, for example,
a three story clapboard, with six condos

And a dental clinic to service an aging
Time moves on, she’s quick to add,
ticking our lives away day after day.
People grow anxious, and they want

Something new, even if it is the
same old thing,
as monotonous as prairie grass.
It’s all in the name of progress,
she laughs. Progress means you look

Beyond the here and now, towards
the invisible future,
where things will be bigger and better.
It means you are never content
with the way things are, but always

Want the latest, the shiniest. And even if
that future
proves to be illusory, you will still have
the satisfaction knowing you played the game.

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