Then Let It Go (Written July 20, 2018)

Then Let It Go

Now that she’s found a solution to all
her problems
she feels she can begin to live again.
Everything that was dull, monotonous,

Not worth the effort, now has
new life,
new sparkle, new promise, enough
to make her want to get up
out of her chair, look around, and ask

What is there to do now, in the short
I have left. Birds die before they know it,
but they go on singing, with no
hint of the fate that awaits them.

Even the crow cawing is not complaining,
but seeking
refuge in companionship. Roses burst from
the rosebush like exploding galaxies,
then die away, in the knowledge

They will come again, when the time
is ripe.
Dogs bark to let her know they are still
here, needing food and comforting.
Everything reminds her of earth’s

Bounty, and if at times she thinks about
it is with her newly won sense of equanimity.
Death is not a battle, not a massacre,
but joining with the rhythms of nature.

This life is the only one we know and
the only one
we need to know. It is precious,
tend to it, then let it go, like the roses.
Actions she once thought closed to her

She now finds possible. For example,
she might call
a friend, one she has not seen in months,
arrange to meet for coffee and talk as of old.

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