Weeds, and More Weeds (Written July 27, 2018)

Weeds, and More Weeds

Everything is dry. The garden
to stay alive, even with constant
watering. The grass has stopped

Growing, for now, and to the west
have forced many people from their homes.
Rain sometimes falls on us, but briefly,
almost nothing since the beginning of the month.

The sudden, intense downpours feel like
the almighty’s
none-too-subtle jest. The earth
forms a crust which keeps the water
from penetrating to the roots of the plants.

The herbs, as they mature, turn brown,
and fade. The sunflowers are smaller
than expected. The tomatoes are about
the size of walnuts. Weeds prove hardier,

And more plentiful — sorrel, pennywort,
hedge mustard, stinging nettle, tansy,
bladderwort, goldenrod, and feathery
horsetail, among others. The bird baths

Have to be scrubbed and re-filled
every second day,
the birds use them so frequently in this heat.
Hornets and wasps drink from the water.

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