Go To Hell (Written December 22)

Go To Hell


He could save himself

Hearing any more about it

If he just stayed in his room.


What bothered him was the way

They looked at him, so closely,

As he walked up and down


The hallway. What had he done?

He had no memory of the clown

He supposedly pushed to the ground.


Somebody got in his way, that’s all.

So now, in their wisdom, they found

He was a danger both to himself


And to other patients, nurses included.

How did they get to set themselves

Up as judge, jury, and hangman?


Why should he stay in his room, where

Nobody ever visited? He had to bang on

The wall to get some attention.


There were days, though, when he

Couldn’t stand it one more minute.

Go to hell, he would shout.

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