Shark Attack (Written January 30)

Shark Attack


The man took two quick strides

And dove into the water.

The boy’s screams grew weaker


As he flailed about, several times

Going under. The man swam between

The boy and the dark shadow.


The boy’s screams were high-pitched,

Like a girl’s. When the shadow

Moved closer, the man took


His knife from his belt, prepared

To strike. The boy hooked

The man’s arm and the man slapped


Him away, to keep himself free

To fight the shark. The boy flapped

His hands like a baby seal on ice.


Swim to the boat! he told the boy.

Swim to the boat! He said it twice,

As loud as he could. Something about


The man’s bulk and stance alerted

The animal to danger, and doubt

Crept into its calculating brain.


It no longer kept advancing

But turned, slowly, and finned away.

The green shallows were calm again.

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