A Heavy Pressure (Written February 23)

A Heavy Pressure


But here it happened. The room

In which I sought refuge became

The room in which I almost died.


I switched off the overhead light,

Sat on the edge of the bed, and tried

To ignore the loud voices


Downstairs. I was short of breath from

Shoveling snow, one of the choices

I had freely made that day.


I thought sitting quietly by myself,

Breathing deeply, would go a long way

Toward fixing whatever was wrong


With me. Instead, I felt a heavy

Pressure at the base of my throat

And when I tried to call for help


No sound came out. I tried to get up

But lost my balance and fell.

The noise of my falling shook


The house and frightened my wife,

Who, however, took immediate

Control of events and dialed


Emergency. The quick work

Of the paramedics, such mild-

Mannered men, saved my life,


I’m sure. Now I follow all the rules

I once flouted, and lead a settled life

With my wife, and our two cats.

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