The Sea, The Sea (Written March 20)

The Sea, The Sea


Perhaps very late our dreams

Were joined, when we had almost

Given up dreaming. A strong


Wind had beat against the glass

And kept us awake, long

After we’d turned out the light.


The rain was heavy on the roof

Above our heads, and the sight

Of an ancient spruce swaying


In the wind, and threatening

to come crashing down, played

On our nerves. By dawn


It was quiet again, as if some

Unwelcome stranger had moved on.

You began to snore and make


A noise, a hiss, like waves

Crashing onto a beach. Take

Me with you, I whispered,


And dreamed I was walking

In shallow water at sunset,

Savoring the smell of the sea,


And you came towards me,

And we kissed, and your lips,

Fresh from your dream, tasted of the sea.

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