Time Table (Written March 24)

Time Table


Leftovers for supper most nights,

With beer, pumpernickel, and liver paté.

Tea with a piece of toast for breakfast.


The big meal at noontime,

Followed by an hour-long rest.

Coffee and cake mid-afternoon.


The hardest work was saved

For late afternoon – the mowing,

Raking, and gathering up the leaves.


Some afternoons, depending on the season,

Fruit trees to be climbed and picked,

Or vegetables to be harvested.


Everything according to a strict time

Table, regimented, which I liked,

For the most part. To get any writing


Done, however, I had to get up early,

In the dark, before anyone else,

And set up a make-shift desk


In the attic. Creative work, in this

Milieu, had something grotesque

About it, best kept tucked away.

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