Mixed Reviews (Written March 26)

Mixed Reviews


She smiled and looked away as the people

Around her began a discussion of the merits

Of the film they’d just watched. She didn’t


Want to offend or anger anyone, but to her

It was the most boring, long-winded

Film she’d seen in a long time.


The attempt to present itself as a film

Within a film fell flat as a dime.

The couple from Santa Fe, friends


Of friends, were the most vocal in their

Praise. They liked the way the film ended,

as well as the way the theme was handled.


The beauty and quiet of the garden they found

Enchanting. Anne, on the other hand,

Said the garden was too well ordered, too neat.


She liked the scene of the parrots squabbling,

And the crows in flight above the trees.

Only then did she feel at ease.

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