The Good News (Written November 25)

The Good News


And I am tired. For the past few hours

I haven’t been able to sleep at all.

I’d like to email a few friends


And tell them the news, but it’s still

Too early. I know what I’ll send,

But it’s not really that urgent.


I’ll sit on it awhile, and think about

The words I’ll use, like a detergent

To wash away all the grime


That’s accumulated around my

Persona recently. That’s no crime,

Is it? Put my best face forward,


And all that. Everyone does it,

In this modern age. Full steam toward

The far shore, where I will be famous


Once and for all! Won’t they be surprised

When they hear! The lamest

Excuse I can think of will no longer


Suffice. I can see the first light

In the window, becoming stronger,

So now there’s no reason to stall.

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