Claudia And I (Written November 24)

Claudia and I


Claudia and I were left alone

In the office. The wind blew

The last of the oak leaves


Past the window. Her reputation,

To the effect that she weaves

A good tale that it’s usually best


Not to believe, colored

Everything she said. From its nest

A mourning dove called to its double.


The late afternoon sun broke

Through the clouds. The trouble

Was to know when she lied


And when she told the truth.

An hour passed, and the light died.

I told her I was sorry,


I didn’t believe her story.

It didn’t ring true. Don’t worry,

She said, it doesn’t matter


What you think. This

Angered me, and I scattered

A few things on the floor.


She was unruffled

And showed me the door.

Dark thoughts swallowed me.

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