Their Life (Written November 20)

Their Life


Everything wanted to stand for their life,

But couldn’t. The Little Prince, for example,

Though he loved his time on earth, has to return


To his own planet, to look after his sheep

And his precious rose. He does not spurn

His new friends, far from it. The thing


That is important, he says, is the thing

Not seen. Likewise, several factors bring

Alaska Jim to the great city of Mahagonny,


To wit, the prospect of money, whiskey,

And women. Jenny, in her agony,

Is truer than Jim, or anyone, deserves.


Jim is a heel, but what gets him

Hanged in the end (and it serves

Him right!) is that he has no


Money, the unforgiveable sin

In Mahagonny. Lost, with low

Self-esteem, he takes a room


In old Prague, with his wife down the hall.

But it’s overrun with bugs. Gloom

And doom, and a sense of dread, define


Them as a couple, for years to come. He

Is a bug himself, and loathsome. Whine,

Whine, whine, all the time. But nothing


Really hits the mark. Their life is their life,

And can’t be represented by anything

But what they have lived, which is ample.

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