Ex-Lover (Written April 23)



And though he would never know it,

She passed her final years in near

Total blindness. By this time


She’d moved to the coast and settled

In a town that was almost crime

Free, compared to where they’d lived.


She told him, the last time they talked,

That she didn’t want to see him,

Ever again. “Don’t ask me to explain,”


She said. “I was so tired all the time.

All I did was bitch and complain.

It was not healthy for me, the way


We lived.” What hurt him the most

Was that she had nothing to say

To him at the end, when she knew


She was dying. Their love

Was like a flame that she blew

Out without the slightest hint


Of regret. What saddened him

The most, when he saw it in print,

Was that she was still so young.

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