Famous Actress (Written May 22)

Famous Actress


One night a new couple came to the party.

He was the brother of Margaret’s husband,

She was a famous actress and comedian.


They lived in Toronto but apparently

They loved our little town and planned

To stay a week or two. Margaret


Had a cottage by the sea, and promised

Daily fishing trips aboard her husband’s

Modified Boston Whaler. Everyone knew


They might drop by and the big question

Was how to act, what to do, what not to do,

If you suddenly found yourself face to face


With someone you’d seen a hundred times

On television, and half a dozen times gracing

The big screen. You could play


Dumb, and pretend you didn’t have a clue

Who she was. The main thing was not to say

Something so stupid you’d be ashamed,


Later on, when you thought about it.

Don’t forget, she’s a human being, the same

As the rest of us, with her own history of struggle.

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