Ned’s Secret (Written May 24)

Ned’s Secret


He wanted a father to have given him

Some small wisdom, some instinct

That would teach him what to say


And what not to say. He’d like to tell her

Everything, and she will find out, one way

Or the other. But it’s her wedding day


And he doesn’t want to frighten her away,

When everyone is so happy and gay.

He’ll wait and break it to her in a more


Relaxed and playful manner, and hope

She can see it for what it is, his very poor

Reaction to a very unhappy relationship


With his mother. First, he has to know

She will love him, no matter what dip

In the road he’s about to reveal. She must


Swear never to leave him. She must

Believe in him and see that he is a just

And honorable man, who misses his father.

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