The Waiting Game (Written May 27)

The Waiting Game


But after I had taken a few steps in the street

I returned to the station and looked again

To see if I had made a mistake


And if there might be some sign of her

In the crowd that would take

Me out of myself and the pain


I was feeling when the thought came

To me that she might be on the next train

Due within the hour and so


With renewed hope I decided

To wait a while longer knowing

We’d have no further chance to see


Each other before she left on her trip

And the dangerous assignment she’d

Accepted to travel to the far


East of the country where events

Were spiraling towards all-out civil war

But as I knew with her it was always


A waiting game in which she kept her own

Counsel and I was left sitting in the hallway

Counting the cracks in the floorboard.

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