When I Was Distraught (Written June 8)

When I Was Distraught


When I was distraught

And could not speak,

My hands and my feet


Broken, unable to move,

Your coat like a sheet

Over my dying body,


Your makeshift sled

Slippery and shoddy

But equal to the task,


Your voice soft,

Clear, like a mask

Hiding your feelings,


My brain spinning

And reeling

From my fall,


When I felt your lips

On my lips, heard the call

From above, and saw


The great wing beating,

All bleeding and raw,

I was lifted and borne away.

One thought on “When I Was Distraught (Written June 8)”

  1. Work, augh! I gave that horrible addiction up months ago. Now I spend all my time trying desperately to escape from the internet tubes. That addiction is so strong it’s hard _not_ to work. I can see your problem if your &#82o0;w2rk” involves other people _and_ computers. No bueno. They don’t mix.

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