The Sweetness of a Summer’s Evening (Written June 25)

The Sweetness of a Summer’s Evening


In the sweetness of a summer’s evening,

As we loaf on the veranda, talking

Of our plans for the garden, sipping


Our mint juleps, listening to the music

That drifts down from behind city hall,

News of your recent return


To hospital takes us by surprise.

You had seemed so full of energy

Just a week ago, as resilient as last year’s


Irises and last year’s jack-in-the-pulpit.

A cough has lodged deep in your lungs

And nothing you do seems to be able


To shake it. This is not the first time

You’ve come close to the precipice,

But it feels more ominous this time.


For one so full of life, so active

And so bright, it’s hard to find rhyme

Or reason for so cruel an end.

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