Even On Such a Day (Written June 26)

Even On Such a Day


You sing so deliciously,

With such clarity, in a voice

That’s so sweet, so melodious,


So bright, and so joyful,

With nothing superfluous,

That even on a day like today,


With dark clouds overhead,

A strong north wind at play,

A steady rain beating down,


And our good friend Beth

In hospital, more run-down

Than we’ve seen her in years,


Even on such a day your song

Has a way of easing my fears.

Three soft murmurs, three


Loud chirps, one long whistle,

So well structured, yet so free,

I wonder where you find


The energy to keep on with it,

When other beings, less kind,

Might curse the fate that lies in store.


Or is this your fate, to endlessly

Sing, with more and more

Fervor, of what never can be?

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