If I Were You (Written June 28)

If I Were You


In those days, when you were young

And healthy, and it seemed you might

Still have a chance to make something


Of yourself, they’d come and get you

At the first sign of trouble. For example,

If you slipped and fell in the bathroom


And the whole house shook, rafters

And all, they’d come and get you.

They wouldn’t let you just lie there.


In those days, when the sun shone

And you could walk out in the fields

And breathe the fresh air and pray


To the birds in the trees, they’d come

And get you, if they thought you’d strayed

Too far and become a danger to yourself


And to others, they’d come and get you.

But nowadays, when you’re of no use

To anyone, what they want is for you to sit


In a corner and stay very quiet, hum

A little tune and twiddle your thumbs,

Stay very quiet and wait for the end to come.

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