Minding Our Business (Written July 10)

Minding Our Business


We were staring at the burning embers,

Rita, Veronica, Septimus, Mala, Edy

And I. Everyone else had drifted


Away, further down the beach.

Some old-timers, gifted

Beyond their years, had retired


For the night. It was very quiet,

Just the crackle of the fire,

A few insects buzzing around


Our ears, the waves washing

Nearly to the ground

Where we stood. At first


All we heard was a low rumble,

And we thought at worst

This might be a few boys


From town looking for some fun.

It was one of their joys

In life, to park their cars


On the hill, shout obscenities

And drop buckets of slop

Down on top of our heads.


But then we heard the sound of a gun,

And everyone got up out of their beds,

And we packed our things and we fled.

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