The Moonlight Guided Him (Written July 24)

The Moonlight Guided Him


The moonlight came down the basement stairs,

Across the floor to the rocking chair.

A man stood up, white in the darkness.


A dresser, pushed against a side wall,

Its top drawer half open, showered articles

Of clothing to the floor. Bookcases lined


The back wall, with rows of unread Reader’s

Digests. The room was full of ticking, like

Crickets in July grass. As a snake sheds


Its skin as it continues to grow, and also

As a way to rid itself of parasites, he shed

His clothes, and found a material more


To his liking. For years he had been

Content to keep his little secret for

Himself, but one night, with a drink


In hand, he fell up the stairs,

And didn’t care what anyone might think.

The moonlight guided him, gently.

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