Just This Once (Written July 30)

Just This Once


She places her hand on his head,

The palm resting lightly on the temple,

And for a moment he wonders if it’s possible


That he is hallucinating. He closes his eyes.

She has always loved him, she whispers,

But all the words in the world


Cannot keep him from fading away.

He feels he is falling, into a whirl

Wind, and he longs for her to stay.


Never let go, he begs of her.

It’s something in the way

She leans over him to ease


His pain and his suffering, as if

Her only wish in life were to please,

Not upbraid him. Why, he asks,


Is she not always so kind and

So gentle. But it’s like a mask

She wears, for just this once.

One thought on “Just This Once (Written July 30)”

  1. Se "o pr³tirpo&quoÃ; sente vergonha, ainda não estou muito convencida. Acho mais é que a vergonha foi pela demissão. Mas que é um muro, ao menos, da vergonha alheia, daqueles que gostam do esporte e do espetáculo (no bom sentido), ah, é! :-(

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