The Wizard of Pain (Written October 24)

The Wizard of Pain


She should have talked to him,

She should have made him explain.

Wobbly, dirty, all he wanted, he said,


Was to sleep. The police, when they came,

Didn’t seem to care. Reluctantly, she led

Him down the stairs to the basement.


He kicked off his shoes and flopped on the bed,

Where he promptly passed out. The casement

Was partially open and the warm summer breeze


Smelled of lily-of-the-valley. She sat a moment

By his side. A car turned into the driveway. Please

Don’t let him lose his temper, she prayed,


As her husband came down the stairs.  She

Tried to explain, to no avail. He should have stayed

Where he was, not here. Let him sleep,


She said, and we’ll sort it out in the morning.

But he slipped out before dawn, to keep

His appointment with the wizard of pain.

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