Lucky the Woman (Written October 23)

Lucky the Woman


Now I come to think of it, most of my life

Has been like that. Waiting for the other shoe

To drop. The casual (or not so casual) word


Aimed (consciously or not) at re-opening wounds

That have never completely healed. Loser, nerd,

Fat ass, beanpole, dwarf, horse face, buck teeth,


Blind, deaf, dumb, queer, and all the racial

Slurs, such a storehouse of enmity just beneath

The surface, to be showered upon the weak.


Lucky the man and lucky the woman

Who does not hate the way she speaks

Or the way she looks. No matter how beautiful


She is, it is her weak spot, where she feels

Most vulnerable, that she scrutinizes

With the laser beam of her self-doubt.

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