Lost Love (Written October 22)

Lost Love


There was still light filtering through the trees

And I thought if I could just keep heading

In that direction, I’d come to a road,


Or a train track, or some sign

Of human habitation. It was getting cold.

The crows were making a racket in the trees


As they settled in for the night. But where

Would I find shelter if I didn’t want to freeze?

In the gloom I had to admit


I was lost. The first rule of this new place

Where I’m staying is, it’s not permitted

To wander off on your own. But it’s been


A year since my wife died, I forget

Her name, and I wanted to find the inn

Where we first met and made love.


It was somewhere in these woods,

Down by the river, where the dove

Cooed, and we played havoc with the bedding.

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