The Dwarf (Written October 21)

The Dwarf


He saw that people could take advantage of her

In a lot of ways. She was very sensitive

To the kind of language people used,


As those in a minority tend to be. Words

Were loaded guns, and she too readily confused

An empty click with a lethal blast. She suspected


A hidden meaning, a subtle dig. She knew

How people talked in private, that they respected

Very little, even the best of them, in unguarded


Moments. Because she was short, people assumed

She would do the dirty work, and so they lorded

It over her. She played along because she wanted


Everyone to think she was just like them,

But she wasn’t. He saw how stunted

She was, and how she put on the mask


Of indifference. He hated it when she betrayed

Herself like this, taking herself to task,

Becoming more and more withdrawn.

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