To My Brother (Written February 28)

To My Brother


One of the forgotten

In my pantheon of forgotten,

You were born this day


Fifty-eight years ago,

The youngest of seven,

At a time when things


Were beginning to fall apart

For our parents. So perhaps

You had been an afterthought,


Forgotten from the beginning,

And not just by me. Our parents

Had given their best to us,


The older ones, and had less

To give you, the last.

I was fourteen when you


Were born and so our two

Universes seldom intersected.

I remember when you had your


Motorcycle accident and almost

Died, I felt very remote from you.

In fact, I had already moved


To Canada, far from you.

And I gave you nothing then,

Not even a word to show you


That I cared. Only recently

Have I come to know you

A little, your quiet ways


And wicked sense of humor.

Only recently have I come

To realize how much I love you.