I Hope You Don’t Mind (Written April 30)

I Hope You Don’t Mind


I mean, much higher. To-the-moon higher.

Nothing we could ever afford.

We’ll have to stay here a while longer,


I hope you don’t mind. I’ll keep looking

And maybe I’ll see something interesting,

Something within our price range.


I’m afraid I’ve let the house go to the

Dogs. The thing is, I find it strange

Not having you around to remind


Me what needs to be done. In truth,

I don’t really, deep down, want to find

Another place, even if I could.


This is where we lived for forty years,

And it still feels like home, knock on wood.

It’s where you decided to die, and who


Knows, you may not want to move

And then what would I do? The new

Owners would be in for a surprise.